Superior hydro power serum works wonders to regenerate tired skin and refine overall skin texture. Skin-revitalizing formula combines Provitamin B5 and Water-Reservoir, it instantly forms amoisturizing film on skin that exerts strong hydroscopic properties to hydrate and allow for retention of water at skin surface, effectively reinforces suppleness while protecting skin from external aggressions. Enriched with age-defying ingredients, it also reduces free-radicals damage and provides a gradual improvement in wrinkles.

優質原初肌魔女精華,蘊含「仿生皮膚透明質酸」及「結締組織重整」配方結合 維生素原B5及專利高分子「肌水庫玻尿酸」,一經塗抹能即時在皮膚上形成一 層水份保濕膜,透過其強大吸濕、注水及儲水特性,能快速為肌膚補充並強效鎖 緊皮膚水份,顯著改善缺水及乾燥肌膚狀況,增加皮膚滑順度及彈性同時保護皮 膚對抗外界侵害。配合抗氧化及抗衰老因子,產品能減少自由基及紫外線對皮膚 造成之傷害,預防皺紋及色斑形成,同時幫助對抗肌膚老化現象。建議配搭MD 瓷肌再生精華一併使用,能更有效增加皮膚光澤及飽滿度,更佳展現無瑕年輕。

Product code : LSV1005
Mega-Defense Prohydro Serum


Reinforces the skin’s natural short-term and long-term moisturization. Improves the barrier function of the skin. Improves skin elasticity. Reduces maximum skin roughness resulting in reduced wrinkle depth.

於安全性及純淨度都有突破的「仿生皮膚透明質酸」,微細份子配合強效親膚 特性,能使其更容易被吸引及發揮功效,能增強皮膚短效和長效保濕作用,平 滑粗糙,恢復肌膚飽滿有彈性,並能幫助減淡皺紋,使皮膚柔軟光滑細膩。


Improve skin moisturization and restore skin barrier. Increase and regenerate firmness and elasticity of the connective tissue for skin restructuring, revitalizing, repairing. Delay the ageing processes and preserve youthful skin appearance.

「結締組織重整」配方,具補濕並高效修復皮膚屏障功效,幫助對抗外來刺激; 促進底層細胞代謝作用,修復受損同時強化皮膚支撐組織,緊實肌膚並提升肌 膚彈性,重塑輪廓並能有效延緩皮膚老化


Improves stratum corneum hydration, reduces water loss and maintains skin elasticity and softness. Helps firm and tone skin and improves skin appearance. It also provides anti-inflammatory effect to skin.

具強效高效補濕鎖水功能,增加皮膚滑潤感,保持皮膚滑順及彈性,能給予肌 膚光澤。成分同時具抗炎功效。

✓ CristalHyal™

ECOCERT and COSMOS approved high molecular weight and high purity sodium hyaluronate. Forms a moisturizing film on skin that regulates water perspiration and protects skin from external aggressions. Strong hydroscopic properties allow for retention of water at skin surface, playing the role of a water reservoir.

「肌水庫玻尿酸」,獲ECOCERT和COSMOS認可之高分子量和高純度玻尿酸鈉 。透過在皮膚上形成一層水份保濕膜及其強效吸濕性能,能為肌膚補充水份及 強效將水份緊鎖在皮膚表面,因而有肌膚水庫之稱,能修復缺水及受損膚質,煥 復嫩滑有彈性,同時保護皮膚對抗外界侵害。

✓ Superoxide Dismutase 超氧歧化酶

Anti-aging and antioxidant agent helps reduce free radical damage in the skin, therefore preventing wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, help with wound healing, soften scar tissue, protect against UV rays, and reduce other signs of aging.

具抗衰老及抗氧化特性,能減少自由基對皮膚造成之傷害,幫助預防幼紋、皺紋 及老人斑之生成,促進癒合作用,同時幫助肌膚對抗紫外線侵害及老化現象。

✓ Malachite Extract 孔雀石萃取

A stone extract with a strong antioxidant and detoxifying activity. Malachite is non-phototoxic and combats daily stresses and acts as an after-sun ingredient. Rich in copper with a strong protective action. It shows radical scavenging and detoxifying properties to protect cellular structures.

獨特孔雀石萃取,富含天然銅元素,具強效保護性、抗氧化及排毒功效。能清除 過氧化陰離子同時活化肌膚的抗氧化酶(SOD)以發揮其抗氧化特效;同時能幫 助清除細胞內殘餘雜質,從而增強細胞活性。

Dispense generous amount and apply over entire the entire face and neck, gently massage till completely absorbed. Re-apply as often as needed. Going with Mega-Defense ReYouth Serum can achieve better results.

潔面及爽膚後,取適量原初肌魔女精華塗於全面連 頸部位置,打圈按摩至完全被吸收後,再塗上面霜 即可。需要時可隨時使用。(於使用原初肌魔女精華 後,再即時配搭MD瓷肌再生精華一併使用,能更 佳展現無瑕瓷肌)。

For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with clean water. Stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist when skin irritations occur.

產品只供外用,請勿吞食。避免產品入眼,若不慎入眼 ,請即用水徹底清洗,如有皮膚以或眼部不適,請即停 止使用,若現象持續,請立即向醫生諮詢。